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Since the beginning of the year, the American public has been inundated with what can only be referred to as chaotic scare tactics in a plea for conformity in the name of safety.  The introduction of the so-called Coronavirus that infiltrated our borders supposedly via a Chinese wet market had so many holes in the story, everyone was morphed into becoming a participant in a real life game of CLUE trying to figure out what the real story was.

My problem, besides not having a medical degree and having to absorb more information about the respiratory system and possible methods of addressing a crises therein, is that I see absolutely no evidence of my safety being a concern in any other realm.  Since the death of George Floyd, which need not go unpunished, we have seen protesters, rioters, looters and the indignation of those professing that all are one in the same.  We have seen one major city after another defund police, eliminate crime units and handcuff those who remain while the anarchy that is being billed as grief goes unchecked, all while releasing prisoners in the name of reform. We see criminals in custody on suicide watch drop faster than flies next to a bug zapper with no viable explanation as to how their death occurred.  We see droves of people walking in front of traffic, particularly trucks desperately needed to replenish stock in stores with no protection for their own well-being.  We see Black Lives Matter organized marches turning a blind eye to the shooting deaths of several under age children (also black). And throughout all of this activity, we are being pleaded with to wear a mask to demonstrate our caring of others if not ourselves.

Am I insane?

You would like us to all care about the economy tanking when the fact is, those who have lost their jobs are making more on unemployment than they have ever before.  Companies are demonstrating little if any loyalty to employees crossing the quarantine lines to keep the business afloat when clearly, those same employees would be better off financially to stay home.  Stimulus money was distributed and although a nice gesture, $1200 has been expected to sustain recipients living paycheck to paycheck for over 3 months with no end in sight. 


If you want the American people to care about themselves, care about each other and care about this nation – how about setting an example?  How about you stop defunding the police, stop releasing criminals and acting overwhelmed when those same criminals commit crimes they are known to frequent.  How about you show a little compassion for those people you were elected to serve and protect?

Politicians are not magicians and should quite frankly stop behaving like con artists.  Simply saying something neither makes it so nor a good idea.  You cannot implement prison reform by releasing hundreds of criminals into the streets without so much as an exit strategy for them to live a different life.  You cannot order elderly COVID patients returned to nursing homes and claim to be shocked at the death rate within said nursing homes climbing exponentially. 

Here’s an idea:  How about you reverse all of these idiotic plans you have put in place and demonstrate that you actually care about the lives of the people who elected you? How about funding police adequately so that their lives are not in jeopardy every time they appear in public?  How about you treat the people you represent better than you expect them to treat each other?  How about you serve by example? How about you all put on masks?  We may not seem as savvy to the ways of the world as the politicians you rub elbows with from day to day.  But we know bull shit when we hear it. 

By the way – the question I have been asking since day 1 of this fiasco is:  How many people died on this day (pick a day) last year?  Then compare that number to the number of COVID deaths of that same date this year.  That will tell me a number that means something.  Every death is tragic.  Everyone who has succumb to COVID is tragic, particularly for their surviving family members.  Every shooting death is tragic, particularly those of underage children caught in the crossfire of people thinking they are making a statement about how much lives matter.  Police deaths matter, particularly when they are intentional assassinations taking place in broad daylight by people who go unpunished because they are “grieving.”

I would by lying if I said I knew what the end game was.  I don’t.  If this is how elected officials demonstrate how much they care about the people they represent, the problem is not figuring out how to get a mask on every person walking in public. 

Keeping Americans safe is as much the responsibility of those elected to office as it is the people themselves.  Take the money you are so cavalierly spending on advertisements trying to inspire people to protect themselves and give it to the police departments who actually ARE protecting us.  Tell yourself, there but for the Grace of God …. I am not in protective custody!


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