Shock and Awe

As I have aged into what can only be described as my senior years, I have found myself astonished at the things I am seeing within society. 

People are appalled at the notion of birth control or “choice” but ignore child trafficking, pedophiles, abuse, neglect, and homelessness.  Everyone wants lower crime but insist upon releasing known criminals into the streets all while defunding and disempowering police.  Should anyone become offended by absolutely anything, there is a movement to not only abolish it but find a way to make reparations.  But those reparations must be made in bulk; not to the person offended, pur-se’.

In the meantime, Companies reorganize making quite sure they do not get sued by handpicking not those who perform the least but rather by age, sex, and job title. proving they are aware of the demographic.  Every want to be manager comes up with initiatives to demonstrate how deserving they are to be at the next level and rely solely upon those at lower levels to put their idea into practice.  Former employees are hard-pressed to even come up with a reference beyond hire date, title, and salary.  Employers used to build businesses that were run like family – but you know what they say, you treat those closest to you the worst. 

Problems are covered up rather than addressed, not because of shame, but because of cost.  Mental health treatment does not extend further than an insurance company wants to pay – as opposed to how much a person needs.  For my entire life I heard the promise of affordable health care.  That lasted approximately one year and then those rates began to skyrocket shocking those who were suckered into thinking they could at long last afford it.  We are bombarded with confidentiality agreements that patients sign and hand over to the keeper of our private information stating that we know they cannot disclose anything without our permission, only to find out that we are the only ones who do not have access to it.  Prescriptions are held hostage by insurance carriers who insist on mailing them to us three months at a time because “it’s better for us”… all while the United States postal service is coming apart at the seams hiring contract help rather than career employees.   

School shootings have been replaced by bystander assassinations without vigils.  Looting is rampant and sadly, the most popular items are wide screen TV’s and Nike sneakers, not belts or shirts. 

We have spent months being “programmed” to believe that there is a killer virus that will take us all out if we wear a mask, do not wear a mask, wear a mask.  We cannot make up our minds if schools should be open.  And we are convinced that demonstrating, rioting, looting, and taking the streets in mob causes nothing but good but assembling in a church or at a political rally is a deadly mistake. 

Of all of this (and there is much more that remains unmentioned) the most frightening thing to me is that EVERYONE only sees their one side.  If you like Trump, then it is safe to go to church and attend a rally.  If you do not – then shame on everyone who does and how dare they endanger the entirety of their respective communities. 

I did not see so much outrage (although there was some) when the elderly COVID positive patients were ordered back to the nursing homes which then resulted in the single highest infection of any population.  Elderly are the most at risk group – but put them back in the residences for God’s sake! And the amount of pure joy that seems to fill the hearts and minds of those opposed to someone who stumbles is beyond belief.

I am deeply saddened that leaders do not lead, and followers proceed blindly.  There is finger pointing in every direction, but no one is examining EVERYTHING.  We now use catastrophe, disadvantage and yes, even history, to dig our own position (whatever that may be) further into a foothold regardless of the impact. 

It was so obvious to us that everyone in Jonestown should not have drank the Kool aid.  Well, just because there is no Kool aid does not mean we aren’t all poisoned!  In fact, we are fools!  We cannot see what is right in front of our eyes.  Americans are losing their rights every minute of every day in the name of making everything equal and in the end the only equality there will be is everyone at the bottom. 

Do not apologize because you are in the land of opportunity.  Make the best of it.  Do not give something away that you and others worked decades to build.  Nothing that is handed to someone is worth as much as them earning it.  Worse yet, you disrespect someone but handing them what could be earned as you deprive them of the accomplishment.  It means nothing.  I am not talking about help – I’m talking about FREE.  Free stuff is never free.  Freedom is not free.  Sixty-two years I have watched while this nation has anted up its youth to defend the rights of other nations and protect their citizens.  After all that, I do not believe we should surrender our own so readily. 


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  1. Dave Grossbard on July 9, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    Enjoyed reading. Thank you

    • Ann joyce on July 9, 2020 at 3:45 pm


  2. Nancy Bowen on July 11, 2020 at 2:52 am

    Right on point sister!! Thank you!!

  3. Patti on July 13, 2020 at 1:34 am

    so correct Thanks