To Vax or Not to Vax? That is the Question

A close up of a man holding his blank COVID-19 vaccination card in his hand. Photographed with a very shallow depth of field and a protective face mask out of focus in the background.

A germ that at lightning speed morphed its way into a pandemic, still having no confirmation from the powers that be as to where it emerged, has spawned the largest stand-off since the Cuban Missle Crisis.  Those receptive to the vaccine couldn’t get one fast enough and those opposed would not take the bait despite threats, bribes and criticism. 

Not that anyone asked – but I am compelled to share my thoughts about my reason for rejecting the vaccine.

From a very young age I have battled with allergic reactions to medicines so common most would snicker at the list.  I have no idea why these remedies have not agreed with me and the rest of the world swallows and goes on about their days – but they have.  In fact, I have had allergic reactions to shots given for allergic reactions!

At the age of 41, my sister suffered an allergic reaction to medication which was then misdiagnosed as an upper respiratory infection.  An additional medication was prescribed.  She took one of each and it killed her!  A tragedy for our family.  But to the rest of the world – it was a mere shame.

Now skip ahead to this vaccine.  Trump put Big Pharma on this quest to come up with a solution.  I’m in favor of many things Trump did – this included.  The speed with which it was arrived at was my first concern.  My second concern came when it was announced that it did not have FDA approval.  Admittedly, I don’t know why that struck such a nerve with me.  I have long since dismissed the FDA as a rubber stamp agency that is driven more by money and power than actual concern for the population.  But I digress.

Third (and this was a huge red flag for me) was the decision to roll this brand spanking new vaccine out to the OVER 65 and AT RISK.  Since when do we use the most vulnerable members of our society to test out the newest drugs on the market?

Then came the media:  This vaccine has been touted to everyone within ear shot as the answer to all our problems.  Regardless of COVID – every one of us is still going to die at some point.  This does not remove the threat of death.  In fact, we now are seeing it does not remove the threat of COVID.  The vaccinated can catch, carry and succumb to this monster in spite of everyone’s efforts.  At best- it lessens its impact.

The CDC who abandoned a plane load of American’s who came down with COVID on a European cruise early on lost all credibility that day for me.  If you want that full story from those who were there, here is the link:

I’m not anti-vaccine.  I have all my shots up to date including a tetanus shot within the last five years.  I’m all for solutions.  What I am not a fan of is lip service. 

We did the shelter-in-place first.  Then everyone wore masks.  Then masks became a trend and “designer” masks emerged.  Then came the debate on whether or not one mask was more/less effective than another.  Quarantine periods were originally ten days.  They are now reduced to five.  BTW:  Am I the only one who noticed that taking that number from 10 to five now takes STD claims off the table for those who have to quarantine because of a positive test?  If you are not following – let me take you through this.  In order to file for short term disability for COVID you must be out of work for a minimum of 5 days.  Well, it is only after five days that the claim gets filed.  So, if you return to work – there is no need to file the claim.

Heathcare workers, the heroes of the front lines, have been now threatened with “get vaccinated or lose your job.”  And that piece of wisdom was followed by “We have a massive shortage at the front lines and need all nurses we can get – up to and including those who have TESTED POSITIVE to report to work.  And despite the best efforts of the Supreme Court to block Joe Biden’s mandate for all workers to be vaccinated, the ruling was blocked FOR EVERYONE BUT HEALTHCARE WORKERS!  When exactly did they become the stepchild of the American family?

I feel like I’m watching a movie and the plot has gone completely out of control!

What this boils down to is simply: Do you believe that this vaccine will save you from COVID-19?  If the answer is yes – take the vaccine.  If the answer is no – don’t.  It has NOTHING to do with whether you are concerned for the greater good of mankind.  It’s exactly like they tell you in those safety talks when you board an airplane: In the event of a loss in cabin pressure, “Put the mask on yourself first!” STOP FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER.  Being confused doesn’t make you stupid.  Being beaten down by a pandemic and all it has brought does not make you weak.  Be kind or be quiet!


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  1. Terena Minshew on January 17, 2022 at 1:12 am

    Love it! I am one of those health care workers who “had” to get vaccinated or else lose my job! I did not want this shot period!!!! I felt my hands were tied and I had no other choice! I’ve since got the 2nd shot and am feeling all the side effects of it. I will say I don’t feel any more “protected” than before I took the jab!