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The Tipping Point

In days leading up to February 24th, snippets became full fledged warnings of Russian troops scaling up targeting key cities in its neighbor, Ukraine.  Immediately prior to the actual invasion, President of Russia Vladimir Putin took to the airwaves to declare his reasoning for doing so – in part to announce and in part to brazenly justify this attack.  Photos emerged on social media of Ukrainians literally on their knees in the snow praying for an alternative solution – none came.  The world waited and watched as the attack was launched.  

Image of people praying in snow in Ukraine dates to at least 2019 -  FakeNews - Dunya News

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (with Belarus’s complicity) has violated one of the core principles of the United Nations Charter: the prohibition of the use of force against the territorial integrity of another member State (Article 2(4)). The invasion has been almost universally condemned by governments of the world, as well as by the UN Secretary-General. (Johnson, March 2022)

With an unprecedented and all but immediate response, Russian citizens took to St. Petersburg square and other very public locations to protest this action taken by their President risking their own civil liberties and safety.  Following suit, one-by-one, nations have taken a “position” on what they are willing to commit to assist Ukraine in defending its sovereignty.  March 1st, President Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded with the European Parliament for support up to and including entry into the European Union (EU).  His plea, while desperate, genuine and heartfelt, may not elicit the results he is begging for. 

Lawmakers passed a resolution on Tuesday calling for the E.U. “to work toward granting the country EU candidate status.” And European Council President Charles Michel said the day before that E.U. heads of government — the ones who control membership — would “seriously look” at the request from Ukraine. (Rauhala and Birnbaum, 2022)

Speaking in flight terms, the world is taking a wide and gradual approach to addressing this issue in what appears to be exhibiting extreme caution so as to not ‘poke the bear in the zoo.’  Putin is cracking his whip and the world is putting its fingers in its ears to avoid the loud crack.

History was my worst subject in school.  I am ashamed to admit I found it of absolutely no interest at the time it was being drummed into my head.  What I lived through is the history I utilize as reference points for what can happen.  Then there lurks that pesky Nuclear Weapons element; the threat that has been held over the heads of everyone on this planet for most of my lifetime. 

With these things swirling around in my psyche, I quickly come to, “Dare we piss Putin off for fear of his pushing the button on all of us?”

I use this both for comparison as well as its own point to be made.  In last nights State of the Union address, Joe Biden’s first since assuming office, he announced his Prescription Drug Pricing Plan in Build Back Better Framework.  Specifically, the focus centered on insulin prices and a guest in attendance, Joshua Davis, who along with his family – father Brian, mother Shannon and brother Jackson have become the iconic poster family who will pave the way for promoting this to the American people.  But wait – hasn’t this been done before?

Joshua Davis: 13-year-old boy takes center state at SOTU address

The answer is yes!  President Trump during his time in office enacted an insulin pricing rule to force the hand of the pharmaceutical industry to make it more affordable to the millions of Americans who need this to survive.  It’s been done – but the Biden Administration rescinded the Insulin Pricing Rule.

One of the final healthcare actions made by the Trump Administration has been rescinded by the Biden Administration. On December 23, 2020, the Trump Administration finalized a rule that directed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to take action to require that federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) make insulin and injectable epinephrine available to certain patients at 340B prices. The Biden Administration delayed the rule twice before it became effective on July 20, 2021, and the first opportunity for HHS to impose the requirements of the rule would have been through grants awarded in fiscal year 2022. So, while the rule has been in effect since July, it has yet to be implemented. (Sullivan, 2021)

It was a great idea when Trump did it.  Of course, because Trump did it was reason enough to stop it dead in its tracks.  But now it’s a great, ground-breaking idea worthy of a standing ovation?

Here is another great idea:  Why not go back to the source of this and other great ideas, President Trump, and ask him how he would handle this current world threat.  I’m certain he would know.  Then announce the idea; claim it as your own and save the world from what is certain to be a very long and painful full-scale war if action is not taken swiftly.  While the so-called “leaders of the free world” pontificate as to their greatness, the citizens of the world would just as soon see the greatness and judge for ourselves. 

R-O-A-R while you still can!!!


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