Duck, Duck, Donkey

Years ago I was employed by a fortune 500 company.  Shortly after my initial employment I received training regarding taking ‘gifts’ from vendors, etc.  Any gift in excess of $25 in value had to be reported.  The reason:  There should not even be the hint of impropriety present in any business dealings.


I voted in person on election day.  I realize that some are not able – but I was – so I did.  Upon entry I was asked for my Driver’s License as identification and then handed a ballot, a cover folder and a pen.  I went to the booth, filled out the ballot and then went to the machine and completed casting my vote.  I was then given a sticker and told I could keep the pen.  The process took all of 10-15 minutes.  Alabama’s electoral vote was official the evening of the election.  No muss, no fuss, no question. 

Not so for other locations:

I’m 63 years of age.  I have taken tests in school as a child where the same method of marking an answer sheet was utilized so that the results could be tabulated by computer.  Suddenly, 50 years later, people do not know not to use sharpies?

I watched one televised rally after another and saw the throngs of supporters at Trump rallies, often times, there were so many the media could not help but comment that the Republican party led by Trump were not operating in a safe manner having so many assemble.  No fear of that with Biden/Harris rallies barely showing more than staff in attendance. 

After 3.5 years of strife between the parties everyone knew there would be a large push for voters to cast their vote.  And they did!  For months we have been hearing the push, the plea to everyone to vote.  Make your vote count!!! I observed many Facebook contacts declaring that they had voted early by mail.  So why this lack of preparation to process the votes as they come in?  After all this planning, some of the states are unable to manage the volume of votes that people begged, advertised and pleaded to get?

In my opinion, the integrity of the voting process in this country has been broken. 

We have House and Senate election results completed but not Presidential (all of which are on the same ballot)?  Are you serious?

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  1. Dave Grossbard on November 5, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    Bingo Ellen. The mass mail in balloting is a disaster. I argued with many when this was first proposed noting that asking the post office and volunteers to handle tens of millions of ballots would not work and that opinion has come to fruition . States changing their rules weeks before the election seem self serving and open themselves up for litigation. The left is now asking for a ceasefire so to speak. They should have thought about that when they refused to accept and acknowledge the election from 2016.