You Say You Want a Revolution

Not a moment has passed in 8 months that COVID-19 has not been front and center in the news.  What is noticeably lacking from that conversation, however, is the source of this deadly virus and what the world can do to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.  In the background, a gigantic competition amongst big pharma companies to run down the rabbit and capture the very lucrative prize of an effective vaccine, the likes of which will translate to a payday equivalent to hitting the lottery.  No matter how many people get sick, suffer with lingering after affects or die, the bottom line is money.  The rich chase the payout while the poor sit hoping for help that doesn’t come – just so that one side of the aisle can make a point with the other. 

When you preach before any audience declaring a need for unity and bipartisan action but your actions in no way reflect the same – we have a problem.

When your hatred for your political opponent exceeds your love of America and its people – we have a problem.

When your spending for your election campaign knows no limits but you cannot see your way clear to releasing money to sustain Americans crippled by this pandemic – we have a problem.

Is your loyalty to each other really more important to you and your career than it is to your constituents?  If that is true – the problem we have is YOU.


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