Who Are You?

The day before yesterday I received a phone call from a doctor’s office in Tampa, Florida.  The call went like this:

“Hello, are you the daughter of Ms. Wray?”


“I am XXX from Dr. XXX office and I just spoke to your mom.  She asked me to phone you so that I could collect her co-pay and send out her pain medicine.”

“I’m sorry – You are from which doctor’s office?”

“Dr. XXXX”

“Ma’am, my mother doesn’t see Dr. XXXX.”

“This is Dr. XXX’s office on XXXX Blvd. in Tampa.”

“My mother has not lived in Tampa in over 5 years.  I’m not sure why you are calling.”

“Ms.  Your mom gave me your number because she wanted you to pay her co-pay so that we could send her this pain medicine. (then she read the names of the two prescriptions).”

“Again, my mother is not a patient of that doctor.  Never has been.  My mother undoubtedlyl had you call me so that I could sort this out for her – but you have reached the wrong party.”

“What is her date of birth?”

“Nice try sweetie – not happening.  You called me.  Why don’t you give me some information.”

“Ms. XXX is 51.”

“Well I’m older than 51 and I can say with certainty so is my mother.  You have the wrong party.”

“I just don’t understand how this could have happened.  She needs her medicine.  Are you sure you don’t want to check with her about this?”

“Are you serious?”

Call ended

Now….forget that my mother has been blessed with such wonderful coverage that she NEVER has a copay.  Forget that she is not the person that they were calling for despite having the same last name (different first names).  I still have two problems with this:

  1. How did they get my mother’s cell number and connect it with that person’s chart?
  2. Why would a doctor’s office call for a copay for a prescription of pain medicine over the phone?

All of this would be filed under the heading of Bull Shit scam except for one thing that keeps bothering me:  microchips.  If the push is to go towards inserting a microchip so that everyone has his/her medical information and identification right inside a chip – that means that the information on the chip is only visible to those who have a scanner.  AND WHAT IF IT IS WRONG?

It’s not because it has anything to do with Bill Gates.  It’s not because the bible talks about the end of times and the mark of the beast.  It’s not even because it’s inserted under your skin.  It’s because the chance of failure is quite high.  There is no way to verify any of the information going on to this chip. 

There was a movie in the 60’s called Hospital starring George C Scott and Diana Rigg.  It was a story about a hospital and one deranged killer wreaked havoc by simply switching identification bracelets and locations of patients.  One got medicine intended for another; one had surgery another was scheduled for.  It resulted in a series of disasters that killed patients because of mistaken identity.  And this was all before the age if digital information.  Think how easy it would be to alter information on a computer chip.

Think long and hard before you willingly submit to this.  Confidence is high that there will be errors because of misidentification and misinformation.  Speak for yourself!


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