In or Out?

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With so much conflict amongst people in different parts of the country regarding the opening back up of America, I thought I would share this analogy with you.

I live in the Tennessee Valley.  Specifically, I live in North Alabama.  There have been times when we have experienced inclement weather to the point of devastating tornados and destruction leaving residents without power for weeks.  It made national news.  It was also on the weather channel.  People in other parts of the country were aware of the damage from what they saw in pictures.  But, roads in the Northeast remained open; people continued to go to work.  Many posts were put on Facebook for prayers for those people impacted by the storms….but NOT EVERYONE WAS IMPACTED!  Not even everyone in the area that was hit by the tornados.  One house could be absolutely gone and the house next to it untouched – without rhyme or reason as to how.

COVID-19 can be looked at very much the same way.  New York, New Jersey, etc. have been hit unmercifully hard.  We see it.  We see the news.  We see the numbers.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected.  There but for the grace of God go I.  But the area I live in has not been impacted in any way near as profoundly as New York.  New York had more people flying in and out; more places where many gather, etc. 

The population of NYC is 8.399 million.  Comparatively, the population of the entire State of Alabama is 4.903 million.  Of that number, 48387 have been tested; 5,327 have shown positive and 144 have died.  Do I know for certain why it hit there so hard and not here?  No, I don’t.  We sheltered when we were told, and we saw what can only be judged as success in responding to this. 

Please do not assume that our desire to open our businesses translates to our lack of caring what is going on in another part of the country.  That is absolutely untrue.  Will I remain outside of New York (or any other city) until the all clear is sounded?  You bet.  But as with weather, emergency outages, or anything else – it does not occur in all parts of the country the same. 

For the record, I will abide by any decision Governor Ivey makes with regard to the COVID 19 response for the State of Alabama.  But that response will be made with respect to what is going on within Alabama.  We sheltered in place – and we will go out (in place) when that time comes.


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