What Are You Broadcasting?

During a small gathering of friends last evening (4 people), an interesting discussion broke out about hope.   I thought I would share it with you on this Sunday morning preceding the quarantine.

For those of you unfamiliar, our emotions give off a frequency.  Imagine it as if we each had our own radio stations and are broadcasting our own music.  In the case of the human spirit – our station is our emotional frequency.  If joyful, I emit the frequency of joy.  We don’t think about this much until we are around someone whose frequency is upsetting to us.  It may be so subtle we do not even put it together in our minds – but we know we do not feel good when we are around them.  It is their frequency clashing with our own.  This is not to say the person with the sad frequency is a bad person to be around.  We all experience a range of emotions at different times.  But now consider “hope”.   Hope is an emotion we exude when we are wishing for something; a new love, a job, a windfall.  We “HOPE” (wish) it comes through.  That is not the same ‘frequency’ as “FAITH”.  Faith is when you ‘KNOW’ that your needs will be met and that all that happens in your life will be as it should be according to God’s Plan. 

Whether or not you believe in God, you can still believe in the existence of something more powerful in the universe than yourself. Remember the description of the Force in the original Star Wars? “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”  So, the Force – the Universe – GOD is the energy that binds us all together. 

If emotion transmits our energy (frequency) outward towards others, it is important for everyone including ourselves to transmit positive energy.

This now brings me back to the conversation last night. If you are really focusing on what you want – hoping that your ‘wish’ will become a reality, you are emitting a negative frequency because the underlying emotion is desperation. You are hoping that it will come to pass. Faith, conversely, is a positive emotion because you ‘know’ that what you are wanting will come to you.

During this conversation, we discussed how when we seem to have a fleeting thought of “Oh this would be great if…” and you let the thought of it go as quickly as it came. Then, miraculously it appears in your life almost beyond your belief.

It’s not that miracles are impossible. Miracles happen every day of our lives. It’s the notion that if you are ‘hoping’ you are not believing. They don’t call it “hoping against hope” for nothing. It is not a longshot that something you want will come to you, a new job will become available to you or a certain person will enter your life. It’s actually a longshot that it won’t – if you just get your emotions out of the way.

There truly is an abundance of joy in our lives for us to experience.  I challenge each of you to find your joy today and to emit that positive frequency out into the universe.  We all need that right now AND – bonus – the positive energy (and state of being) will help you to boost your immune system.  Take a lesson from those people in Italy who have taken to their balconies to sing and play music with each other while in quarantine; or the people in Alabama’s Costco singing hymns while on the check-out line.  Make a conscious effort to embrace the joy around you. 




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  1. Katie Lyons on March 15, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    Wonderful! Joy it is!!