Things I will no longer do in 2020

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When I click on a link to go to an article/photo/whatever, if the entire article does not appear, or if the information is in any way a hook to get me to click on repeated links to get to what I think will be the information/picture/etc that I was originally interested in – I’m out.  Give me the entire piece of leave it out of my newsfeed. 

I will no longer click on items for sale EVER.  It has been made abundantly clear that whether or not I make the purchase, I will be plagued with the site of this item for all of eternity.  Not buying it.

And speaking of not buying it – I’M NOT BUYING IT!!!  In my 62 years on this earth I have behaved in a manner only explained by a thought that whoever owns the most wins.  I am now covered up by my possessions I do not have enough time to use, clothing I have no occasion to wear, cute things that require dusting and piles of well-intended “Oh….XXX will love this” that I have failed to send them.  2020 is the year of the purge.

I will no longer keep mail for more than 24 hours.  I have improved on this in 2019 but I feel my system still needs perfecting in that my desk accumulates paper at a rate I am not comfortable with….and I attribute much of this to mail – unwanted mail.

I will no longer seek information from Facebook.  This is going to be a tough one….but I have concluded that the “fake news” I have heard tell about also comes from the Facebook newsfeed.  I don’t care if the politicians get along – I assume they don’t.  I also do not care who likes/dislikes those in office.  There have been countless people voted into positions that I could not stand and it mattered not.  If I am able to stomach my own non-choices, I have taken on enough discontent.  I do not need to know about yours.

I will no longer purchase food that I should not be eating.  The challenge is not about not buying it – it’s about not eating it.  If I do not have it in the house, the odds are considerably less that I will not reach for it. 

In short – 2020 is the year of decluttering!  I’m clearing my home, my mind and my intake of any anything unnecessary.  If it does not serve a purpose; if I do not benefit from its presence; if it does not make me happy – I don’t need it.

What are you getting rid of????  Let me hear it!

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  1. Pat on December 27, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    A basement full of old furniture that I dragged with me to a new home that I bought a lot of NEW stuff for (10 years ago)! Not in bad condition. Donating it ALL this year! ALL

    • the Roaring Ellie on December 27, 2019 at 7:18 pm

      It’s amazing what a satisfying feeling you will get. It’s ‘freeing’.