If You Snooze, You Lose

Much discussion has been centered around what can be done to combat COVID-19.  Hydroxychloroquine has been found to have significant success, but there are still pockets of professionals that are not going to that as the 100 percent solution.  Unlike the beginning of this pandemic, we are now hearing about people we know, both personally and celebrity) that have contracted this illness.  Most recently, Chris Cuomo has tested positive for COVID-19.  He is now streaming from home about his experience.  You can find it on the MSN website.

The reason I find his information so credible is this.  When I was a child, I suffered with upper respiratory infections constantly. I was the child who missed 30+ days of school every year.  If not for my grades, I’m convinced that I would have been asked to repeat a year.  What I remember most about this period of my life is that my mother was a single-parent and worked during the day.  So, any day I was left home from school sick, I was home ALONE.  To combat my own boredom, I would first work out with the Jack LaLane show that aired at 9:00 am. I would then clean the house from top to bottom.  I am not just talking about making a bed and putting the dishes in the sink.  The house would sparkle when my mother came home.  To my surprise, SHE WAS PISSED.  “I told you to stay on the couch and rest,” she would complain.  “Mom, I had nothing to do all day but watch TV – and now the house looks great.”  I did not understand.

In an effort to convince me of the error of my ways, my mother brought this up during a doctor visit.  “Dr. please explain to Ellen that she should not be getting up and doing housework and things when I keep her home sick.  She needs her rest to fight the germ,” she pleaded with our family physician.  The doctors’ response shocked both of us, “Well, I’d love to back you up on this – but it simply is not true.  The more she moves around the more she breaks up whatever is in her lungs.  She fights back and fights it off.  Let her do it.”

We all know how moms hate to be corrected, particularly in front of their children.  But that stuck with me my entire life.  Get up, get moving and fight back.

My husband had a saying, “Get up off your dead ass and on to your dying feet.”  I think coin that phrase as the battle cry of COVID-19. 

Onward to battle!


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  1. Katie Lyons on April 7, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    Yes, and the directions Chris Cuomo received from his physician advisors was to deep breathe, arms above head and stretch, etc. Very similar advice!!