I Can’t Believe My Ears!!!

Many years ago Bobby and I had a saltwater fish and custom aquarium shop.  We enjoyed the hobby and decided we wanted to do this all day – every day.  And for several years we did just that.  During that time, we acquired a customer who wanted a coffee table aquarium.  The family was having a new home built and had made all the necessary additions (such as a plug in the middle of their living room floor) to accommodate such a request.

After setup and installation, the woman of the house asked if we would do maintenance on the tank to keep it looking its best.  This was a service we provided so we agreed.  On one particular visit near the holidays, I brought my youngest with me to do the work (I worked, he played).  He was only 4 at the time.  In the midst of my cleaning the tank, he ran over to me, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, look – an egg!” I did what all mother’s are known for, “Yea, honey – an egg.” And then realized, AN EGG?  It’s Christmas.  As I looked again I saw what he had.  It was a wooden Easter Egg inscribed, Happy Easter from the White House (along with the year).  I felt myself getting sick as this was something clearly not everyone has in their homes.  “Put it back NOW,“ I scolded him.  The homeowner heard us and laughed.  She said, “Oh it’s ok – we have lots of them.” 


They had a green Christmas tree in the living room fully decorated with Hallmark ornaments that all moved – which was quite something to see.  And in their eat in kitchen was a white Christmas tree covered in these Easter eggs from the White House among other artifacts I had never seen before.  “How did you get an Easter Egg from the White House?” I inquired.  “My husband is an astronaut,” she replied with a proud smile.  “Are you serious?”  “Oh yes.  He’s been on several missions.”

So, low and behold, I am in the home of a man who has been to outer space SEVERAL TIMES!

My husband, a man of few words and startled by almost nothing, becomes a star struck child with his mouth hanging open.  As the man (Mr. James Buchli) walked into the living room and asked Bobby, “Would you like a drink?” Bobby jumps to his feet almost ready to salute and says, “Yes – thanks.”  At that moment, he is with his idol to sit at the bar and have a drink and I’m left cleaning the tank.  From that moment on they spoke all about missions Mr. Buchli had flown.  I must admit, I was impressed as well – but someone had to tend to the tank.

The next time we were in their home it was late morning and they were just finishing up at the breakfast table.  Mr. Buchli was a cool customer but we noticed he was annoyed about something.  I, of course, asked if anything was wrong.  His wife explained to me that the local paper (A Huntsville paper) had printed a story about him referring to quotes and comments that he had given them.  I was excited having never been quoted in the paper or been part of a story.  He looked at me and said, “They never spoke to me.”  “What?”  “Never called; never even tried.”  “And this is made up?”  “Yes!”  With that his wife chimed in and said, “It happens all the time.” “They can’t do this – you’re a hero.”  “They do it!  Believe me.”  He took a very composed position of, “the more attention you pay – the more you owe.”  But I left that day in disbelief that anyone would do this.

The truth is, Mr. Buchli was right.  It happens all the time.  People are quoted that either never said what was printed or it was changed in some way to suit the purpose of the article.  From that day on I don’t believe quotes I read unless I hear it spoken and even then on replays, I have found myself checking to see if voice overs or dubbing has been utilized.

Do your due diligence FOR YOURSELVES.  Don’t jump up and believe everything you read.  Check it out.  It is always easier to believe something about someone you have already formed an opinion about – but it may not be accurate (or fair).  It’s extra work – but worth the effort. 


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  1. Dave Grossbard on June 24, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Thank you. Enjoyed

  2. Ann Joyce on June 24, 2020 at 1:11 pm