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The Impeachment hearings are behind us (at least for now) and the talk is that our representatives did not vote in ‘our’ best interest. 

I’m in the camp that believes we spent a ridiculous amount of taxpayer money allowing people to pontificate on national television rather than actually doing some of the good we voted them into office to do.  And this is the part we saw.  I am certain there was an inordinate amount of lobbying behind the scenes for votes this way or that as well.

What no one is saying (so I’ll say it) is that politicians are concerned with VOTES!!!  And when I say votes, I am expressly referring to votes for themselves.  These individuals hold their jobs – their positions of entitlement because of the votes that get them there.  That is the priority first and foremost.  If voting a certain way will get them more support, that is what they are going to do.

Think about this:  You have a job.  Now, doing your job will not enable you to keep your job.  What will give you that job again for another term is winning the hearts and minds of the voters.  So they concoct a list of action items; deliverables to entice the voters with.  They use buzzwords like “heathcare,” “tax reform”, “women’s rights” and wave them with more enthusiasm than you would the American flag (because we don’t want to do that and offend anyone anymore).  They denounce the other party and anyone in it and make claims that if only the house, senate or any other group is filled with all like-minded people as themselves, some “good” can be accomplished.  The politicians are doing everything in their power to convince us that the enemy is THEIR enemy.  And why?  To ensure they keep their jobs!

What if it’s all a lie.  What if THEY are the enemy?

The party system in this country can be likened to nothing less than a high school clique.  Dare anyone side with an outsider or speak out against the clique and they will find themselves OUT.  No party, no nomination, no job.  NO JOB???!!!  Perish the thought!

My mother told me a long time ago – these people work for you and me.  They are supposed to do what we need them to do to make our lives better.  Sadly, I have seen this reverse itself with my own eyes.  The goal is not to take care of the American people (of which you and I are members).  The goal is to keep them in their jobs; collecting an income any one of us would envy and keeping it for the rest of their natural lives to boot!

It’s time we stop drinking the kool aid!  Politicians (and children) behave petulantly because no one stops them from doing it.  But WE THE PEOPLE are the adults in the room.  Raise the bar!  Expect … no demand what we want for the good of the people – ALL THE PEOPLE.

Get your R-O-A-R on!

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  1. Colleen Lochner on February 6, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Oh yeah, couldn’t agree more my friend! ROARING here on this beautiful, snowy day!

  2. Vicki on February 7, 2020 at 12:13 am

    Absolutely correct! It’s about them keeping their jobs & their big fat paychecks. Same thing in Canada.