This morning, I watched a broadcast of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo holds a briefing at the State Department on the coronavirus outbreak.  I say watched – but really I “tried” to watch it.  As Secretary Pompeo began answering questions, the picture flashed in and out about every three seconds or so (both video and sound).  The shot subsequently went to another camera, one in a studio I believe, showing workers framing the shot…another reporter then coming on camera to allow the shot to be framed around him all the while exclaiming, “Fuck, it’s hot in here – how hot is it…” and then proceeded to look and see that it was 72 degrees and then instruct someone to turn that down.


I have NEVER attempted to watch a less professional broadcast in my entire life – and I’m not young!  I sent them a comment.  I sent a SECOND comment.  NOTHING.  I then sent them an instant message at which point the broadcast streamed a clip of Australia’s got talent.

If the reporter on camera must use the word FUCK during the broadcast, I have to ask why the comment wasn’t “What the fuck are you guys in the control room doing?”

As I left that page of Facebook and went to resume scrolling, I again was prompted to watch this same ABC re-broadcast. Which I did. No shot of the behind the scenes guys. But just seconds past where the trouble began the first time, the feed ended with no complete answer to the question regarding China.

We have now made the giant leap from fake news to the inability to even broadcast.  If this was being done by your “essential” guys – better get those non-essential people on the phone and get some help. FAST!!!!

Someone please tell me, does ABC stand for Amateur Broadcast Crew?


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  1. Dave Grossbard on May 4, 2020 at 11:44 am

    Thanks Ellen