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As we have breezed over the halfway mark of 2020, I’d like to take a moment to recap exactly what we have learned so far:

You cannot impeach a President unless his party agrees with you

No action to thwart a pandemic is a good one unless it comes from the people you voted for

The actual lives that matter to everyone are the ones they personally know

No amount of destruction is too great if it gets your point across

Grieving is a process that can only be quelled by acquiring new large screen TV’s or Nike’s

Bill Gates is an expert on absolutely everything

Money really does go to money

Despite all evidence to the contrary, our elected government officials are under the impression that $1200 is a great deal of money

We will NEVER be permitted to have a President that does not belong to one of two parties: Democrat or Republican, which means that while we may pledge allegiance to our country, they are pledging it to their party.

Men who are criticized are arrogant, power hungry or delusional.  Women who are criticized are bitches or Barbies

Police serve absolutely no purpose in our society, unless of course you need one

Do not attempt to protect your family or your home or you will be charged with a crime

Prisoners are not safe in jail because of COVID-19.  Protestors are immune to the disease and masks are the only protection the rest of us have

A vaccine is our last hope against COVID (a virus) but is ineffective against HIV, Herpes or influenza

Propaganda is only acceptable if it is approved

90% of the people protesting in the streets telling everyone else how messed up everything is are those who are living rent free

In fact, the last big thing we agreed on in 2020 was that Kobe Bryant’s untimely death was a huge loss to the NBA and fans!

Kanye West has announced his candidacy, went off his meds and decided to divorce Kim all while ranting that Kris (Momanger is a white racist)

In a matter of 6 months, we have gone from being a sitcom to reality TV and the plot twist is violence and destruction. 

So here’s my bit of news:  Nobody’s lives matter!  Democrats think Democrats matter and Republicans believe Republicans matter.  Neither would give two cents for the other.

Not every brilliant idea has to come from someone you voted for….or even know. 

Every life matters – just ask the doctors and nurses that work labor and delivery

Destruction accomplishes little beyond putting a great many construction workers to work.

TV’s and Nike’s do NOTHING for the grieving process.  It’s a process – it takes time, soul searching and help from others.

Bill Gates has a made a boat load of money and donated a boat load to various causes.  He is a smart guy and a philanthropist.  But he is human

Money goes to money – always has – always will

Elected government officials will “get it” when they are forced to spend the duration of an entire term that they serve living off the same meager wage that those who voted them in live on.

The two party system serves one of two parties at any given time.

Men can be bitches and women can be arrogant – Barbies do not speak

Police and Firemen are the same guys who in 2001 ran in while everyone else ran out.  There are bad apples in every bunch.  But are we no longer eating apples?  Wake Up!!!!

Protecting your family and your home should be (if it isn’t already) an inalienable right.

Give prisoners each a mask and keep their asses in jail.  They aren’t there because someone didn’t like them

Anything done in haste is done badly.  STOP the madness with the vaccine talk and allow scientists to find something that has a chance of working without creating 18 other new problems

If we each worried about our own integrity there would be no such thing as fake news

If you are not self sustaining (paying your own rent, making your own way) you really have no business telling others how to

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players of all time

Kanye needs professional help – not criticism

Reality TV has absolutely RUINED realty because nothing about it is real. 


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  1. Patti on July 24, 2020 at 2:05 am

    well you hit every nail on the head!! great article !