Where’s the Facebook I Used to Love?

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Every now and again, something happens and no matter how much thoughtful consideration you give it, you end up at the same place; having to throw the BULL SHIT card!

For two years I have been plagued (and I do mean plagued) with political newsfeed.  A disproportionately large percentage of these I must research to see if there is any validity to what I have just read at all before I react.  Most times – there is not.  Yet, there it is all over my feed.

In the past two weeks, however, I have somehow fallen off (gratefully) the political feed train and been reintroduced to feed from people I actually know.  Now, what I am experiencing is a name I am friends with, a subsequent post that they themselves have written and a sign that states:  “This content isn’t available right now.  When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it, or its’ been deleted.”  And, once again, the only card in the deck I can pull in response is BULL SHIT.  If any of the aforementioned reasons were the cause, the entire post would be gone – not visible in my feed.  So, my conclusion is that Facebook employs enough people to match its subscribers on an almost one – for – one basis to follow each of us and remove anything in our posts that doesn’t pass their muster.

I would still accept this if they would put half as much energy into keeping a watchful eye on my friend requests and messages.  In the past month I have received numerous amounts of both from people posing as friends I am already connected with.  To me, this is not hard: you look at your existing friends list, contact that person and ask if they for some ridiculous reason created a new profile.  If you want to have some fun (and in a sadistic way, sometimes I do) contact the person and ask them a question you know only that person would know the answer to; something not in their profile available for some fraud to research and respond with. 

But why?  Why am I having to police the “safety” of my Facebook feed and in the same breath have my own posts monitored and content haphazardly edited?  Facebook is now making decisions for me like I’m five years old while simultaneously telling me to talk to strangers. 

Sincerely, I’m reaching my limit with it as I believe it has run its course.  Facebook is turning into the US Postal Service; just delivering at a faster rate.  More than not I am receiving advertisements and chain letters with just a smattering of actual mail. 

How many of you feel the same way?  Let me hear your R-O-A-R!!!

The Roaring Ellie

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