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I spend a great deal of time looking at Facebook; more in the winter months than summer, but overall, too much time.  I scan posts similarly to how I used to read the newspaper while riding the train in to work.  But I’m not riding the train going somewhere.  I’m sitting – allowing my time to be stolen away with the thoughts of people I do not know.

Daily I read name calling by both politicians and supporters who disagree with the other side (either side).  Should I click on an ad to see what it is, what it does or who makes it, I am forever beholding to read more about it.  It will pop up on my email, my Facebook feed, even my phone. 

I read warnings from others regarding scammers calling, texting, posting help-wanted ads that have no more validity than monopoly money. 

I receive “friend requests” from individuals I not only do not know but am unable to pronounce their names.

I see posts inciting fighting without reason.

Basically, Facebook has been reduced to the grammar school play yard where people are behaving like children who have little regard for the long-term affects of the damage they are causing.


The world and everyone in it is being filled with fear, hate and judgement.  People are tense, oftentimes disrespectful.  I have always heard growing up, “It wasn’t like this when we were kids.”  I expected to be saying it as well.  Times change – people change.  But do they change this much – this fast?

We are a society filled with fast food and pharmaceuticals.  How much of these things are contributing to everyone’s state of mind?  Am I the only one thinking of this? 

What are your concerns?  Pick one and explore how you would go about changing it.  Feel free to share your thoughts.

The Roaring Ellie

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