Things I Want an Answer to…

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  • What purpose does pollen serve?
  • Will there ever come a time when the actions of a politician will please the people?
  • If every time a steel-belted radial fails it beats everything around it, why do dual wheel pick-up trucks have fiberglass wheel wells?
  • How many people can you really love at one time before it becomes overwhelming?
  • What is the logic behind movie stars earning more for three months work than the CEO of a major corporation or, for that matter, the president?  Is it because they are better at what they do?
  • Why is it against the law to drive without a seat belt on?  It’s not against the law to do anything else hazardous to one’s health
  • If priests believe in God so intently that they devote their lives to His service, why they do some of them comfortably proceed to break the rules-fearing no ramification?
  • How many prescriptions does the average 75 year old consume in one week?
  • Are humans the only living creatures to bury their dead?
  • Which is worse – to go blind or to be born blind?
  • If a store can run a sale continuously, doesn’t that mean that their prices are set unreasonably high to start with?
  • Why, if the rest of the world speaks English fluently, do we insist on becoming multi-lingual in this country?
  • Will the United States ever adopt the metric system?
  • Is what I learned in school as the “new math” still the new math, or is the new math now the old math?
  • How long must I keep something before I determine that it is obvious I will never use it?
  • Is it a Federal offense to read a magazine delivered to my home in error before I return it to the post office?
  • Why can’t a judge be arrested in his/her home or while wearing the Judge’s robe?
  • Do men really get over a fight with another man that quickly?
  • How many zeros added to a number represent a gozillion?
  • If prescriptions automatically result in most women getting yeast infections, why don’t the pharmaceutical companies make drugs for women that contain medicine for that too?
  • Why don’t all children’s clothes have handkerchiefs sewn onto the sleeves?
  • If our brains can store a limitless amount of information, how come I cannot remember my children’s names when I am speaking to them?
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