The Public Servant’s Silver Platter

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The year 2020 is coming to a close and dare any of us imagine that so much of it would be overshadowed by COVID, politics and heartache.  Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash early on certainly set the stage for what will go down in history as one of the most challenging years in US history.  Most recently, daily death tolls from this unwelcome virus are held in comparison to the 9/11 casualty numbers in an effort to impress upon all of us just how serious and impactful this is.  On the heels of this decision comes the devastating news to all small business owners that inside restaurant dining in New York City must cease once again in the name of safety.  So, despite the many hoops of safeguards that these businesses have put into place at a cost they were in no way prepared to sustain during a time when their incomes were slashed, they take yet another hit; one that may be the death of their businesses.  Additionally, unemployment extensions for those impacted by COVID shutdowns is about to come to a halt despite the pandemic ramping up into larger numbers than before. 

US Postal workers, Federal Express, UPS and the like are also being ramped up to sustain the impact of the very rushed vaccination distribution looming over the new year; coincidentally at a time when regular mail cannot be delivered with any certainty or time deadline. 

In short – we have entered a more chaotic phase of living than ever before.  All that aside, let’s take note and make mention of Governor Cuomo who has been racking up accolades for his masterful delivery of town hall information regarding COVID….so much so he will be awarded an 11% salary increase.  The man makes $225,000 and will receive another $25,000 .  REALLY?  Or more to the point NOW????

Those collecting social security (a fund each worker has mandatorily contributed to his/her entire working life) is doled out with 3% increases on a good year and none other times.  THREE percent seems to be our magic number.  But the governor of New York deserves 11.  Is this more common core math?  Is that why I don’t get it?

The governor of the hardest hit area in the nation watching citizens of this flagship state depart in droves because of the constraints, high tax rates and cost of living while pleading for help to offset this deficit get awards and a salary increase.

What ever happened to concern for the constituents?  How about logic?  It’s not about envy.  It is more about doing the right thing.  $25,000 is one hell of a participation trophy, particularly at a time when so many are suffering, being displaced and wondering how they will continue to next week. 

This is just one of a dozen examples I can think of why I have lost faith in those calling themselves “our” representatives.  It is this double standard that has led me to believe that we the people are what makes their careers and lifestyle possible and to hell with us once we vote. 

At the close of 2020 my feeling about this past year is this:  Shame on everyone who took their eyes off the ball!!!  If you can’t see what is happening right before you – TAKE ANOTHER LOOK!


BTW:  The entire article regarding Cuomo’s raise and salary particulars (details of which translate to an overall increase of 40 percent since 2018) can be read by following this link:

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