The Power of Advertising

The early 90’s saw a trend which became known to many as “empower yourself”.  It stemmed, largely, from corporation’s desire to do more with less employees.  The powers that be encouraged all their staff members to step outside their swim lanes and take on more responsibilities, whether it was indeed part of the scope of their assigned job.  Engineers began keeping up with accounting; accountants also became clerks, etc.  Everyone did whatever was necessary.  My writing is going to take a twist, but I promise I am going to get where I am going – so keep reading.

For as long as I can remember, daytime television programming has been sprinkled, or should I say inundated with pharmaceutical advertising.  In fact, 3 out of every 5 commercials you see during the day are for prescription medications.  For decades I have been asking myself: “WHY must I be exposed to this barrage of medical information describing not only the ailment for which this medicine should be requested, but the onslaught of side effects that are possible, up to and including death (a result far worse than that which you would seek relief from in the first place). 

Now in 2020 we have seen and endured the likes of COVID-19 and the politics around managing it.  The underlying argument has always been – believe the experts!  Do not listen to this idea or that.  The science tells us XYZ….and this is how we should proceed.

I am confused!  I have no formal pharmacological training – but I have been subjected to daily peer reviews by way of commercials about what new prescription medication I should request for a plethora of conditions – unable to prescribe it for myself.  The message being I should be “asking” the experts for what I want.  But now that we have an actual pandemic, I should refrain from requesting hydroxychloroquine or any other possible option that I have been introduced to because I am not an expert?  Is that what you are saying?

It begs the question:  Which side are you on? 

The people are the monsters that big business has created.  Congratulations on a very successful advertising campaign that served to program all of Americas television viewing audience.  You just can’t unring the bell.


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