Let Me OUT!!!!

As the weather becomes nicer and the stress of isolation becomes increasingly more prevalent, people are showing their frustrations from their own particular level of stir crazy.  There are many theories circulating as to whether or not this was deliberate on the part of the Chinese government to shut down our economy; was it a plot to undermine President Trumps re-election campaign, was it a hoax purported to disguise the installation of 5G towers throughout the United States, was it merely the first major step in forming a One World Government where the administration has control over all people?  Or, was it simply what it was rolled out as – a vicious, unknown virus that when introduced to a subject with a compromised immune system – particularly respiratory system, it is a killer!

It took only a few short months for the majority of the American people to go down the rabbit hole and chase the conspiracy theory of the month towards it’s logical yet absurd conclusion.

The question everyone should be asking is why?

  • Why is it so easy for anyone in America to believe that our government – our own elected representatives – would turn on us for their own profit?
  • Why is it that it takes almost no effort for citizens in this country to get from they are doing this for our own good to they hate us and want to control us?
  • And if any of these theories are true – WHERE in the world could you possibly move to escape it?

In all the posturing for the cameras, all the speech giving, stand taking, finger pointing, rhetoric throwing and by partisan spewing I am not seeing ANY of our representatives in the house or the senate asking themselves, Why don’t the people believe us?  Why are we not trusted?

The answer to that is – we are following the money.  We are following the news that is being pumped into us day and night about your millions of dollars’ worth of stock being dumped right before something major occurs.  We are following the snide remarks that you make towards each other.  YOU don’t trust YOU.  Oh sure, there are pockets of cliques and I’m thinking specifically of AOC + 3.  But aside from forming small allegiances within your own parties for the purpose of pushing your own (not our) agendas through, you trust NO ONE.  So, the answer is – we learned this from YOU.

I heard during yesterday’s briefing that each state would be responsible for deciding when they would reopen based upon their own particular numbers of sick and dead.  In other words, if the curve is flattening in one state, why prolong their quarantine?  To that I reply – no reason to, provided you limit travel between the states until such time as every single state is past this and life really has resumed to normal.  No travel between states (I would even go so far as to say between counties) and absolutely no travel abroad or coming in – for any reason.

I’m not a scholar.  I’m not medically trained although I have spent enough time the last five years battling illness within my own family to feel as though I have completed an internship.  I like to think that my best attribute when it comes to this type of information is common sense.  Perhaps you disagree.  But I think we need a “big picture” solution before we throw away any possible progress we have made in battling this illness and resurrect it.  What do the physicians tell us all the time?  If you take part of your prescribed medicine, you simply beat back your germ enough for it to mutate and return stronger at which point the medicine we gave you will not work.  Am I the only one who ever heard that? 

I want out as badly as everyone else.  I want to go to the beach!  I want to go to the concerts I had tickets for.  I want to see the rest of my family and friends.  But I want to see them ALIVE. 

Do I have absolute trust in the government?  No.  At best I think they are trying.  But, I believe in erring on the side of caution.  If what was told to us in the beginning of this ordeal had any truth to it – we better slow down and think this through.  I do not want to do this again in the fall!!!

Immediately after writing this I discovered the following:

This is my local news.  What the hell?  So much for testing being the solution.  Don’t tell me how important this is and then botch it up this badly!    


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