Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

This morning, I read that Obama called on young activists to “make people in power uncomfortable.”  My first thought after I read it was – “Hasn’t it been the other way around?”

Since President Trumps’ election I cannot think of a single time when so many other politicians or former Presidents appeared to be disrupting the attempted flow.  In fact, I cannot recall a time or event in during my lifetime (other than a funeral) when so many previous Presidents stepped up and spoke to the masses as if they were still in office. 

The country is divided – no question.  But why should that come as such a shock – particularly to politicians?  Aren’t they refusing to enter any type of by-partisan conversations, agreements or efforts?  Don’t they sit with their arms folded (some even wearing matching white suits) during State of the Union addresses to show, not their solidarity with the President, and the country but rather their separation?

To all of you I say – You have made your point!  You have set the example many have chosen to follow and now you want the young people of this nation to take heed and unite.  Really?

When I was born Dwight Eisenhower was President.  Since then, there have been 11 men who have served in the office:

  • John F. Kennedy *
  • Lyndon B. Johnson *
  • Richard M. Nixon
  • Gerald R. Ford
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Ronald Reagan
  • George H.W. Bush * (?)
  • William J. Clinton *
  • George W. Bush *
  • Barack Obama
  • Donald J. Trump *

The asterisks after the names indicate those who were alleged to have had affairs; George H.W. Bush having adamantly denied it – thus the question mark.  If you look further back in history, you will find this is nothing new.  If you would like details on this I provide you with this link:

Maybe it is because I am getting older and I am paying more attention.  But maybe it has been a steady decline in any by-partisan effort on the part of the leadership of this country.

My first recollection of anything really political (aside from JFK’s assignation which yes, I consider political) was the Vietnam war.  There were protests all over the country.  Before I had even entered my teenage years, I recall my sister sitting with pen and paper listening to the “lottery” of birth dates being drawn over the airwaves.  That lottery decided the order of young men (18 years old) who would be called up to go to war.  I remember when her boyfriends birth date was called.  She cried as she wrote it down trying to keep herself together to continue with the list so she would have it.  But she knew right then.  His number was called early and he was most certainly going to have to go. 

Politicians have consistently gotten the country into things and then called upon “America’s youth” to fix it.  Why is that?  Shouldn’t the elder statesmen of the country be leading young people towards a better life?  More to the point, is this how you go about it?

It is politicians who have taught us not to trust the other side (which ever that is depending upon your party affiliation).  Doesn’t matter.  If you consider yourself one thing – do not trust the other.  But young people should bring us together! 

Young people should respect elders (and each other for that matter).  Do you?  Do you all show respect when you interact?  On camera and off your body language, snide remarks towards the opposing side (as you like to think of it) and refusing to work with other members of parties outside your own speaks volumes.  But you want the young people to fix that.  You want the young people to hold everyone accountable. 

It reminds me of married couples who are having trouble so they have a baby because they think it will bring them closer together.  That’s a lot of pressure for one little baby!

To the politicians all over this nation I have this to say:  KNOCK IT OFF!

It is not the job of America’s youth to make the world a better place.  IT’S YOURS!!!  Do Your Jobs!  Or – step aside and let someone else do it.


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