Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

When my children were young, a very wise, more experienced mother told me, “You don’t tell a child – The next time you do this, I’m going to…”  The reason is:  THEY JUST DID IT.  If you lay out the rules of what should and should not be done, then the consequences come right then, the first time they do it.  Empty threats are quickly surmised by anyone on the receiving end as meaningless.  The conclusion further to that is – THERE WILL BE NO CONSEQUENCE.

I’m Not Playing

Ironically, throughout my adult life and more specifically, as a result of Donald Trump running for and being elected to the office of President of the United States, there have been more than just a few celebrities declaring, “If Donald Trump is elected, I will leave and move to XYZ.”

The List is…

  • Lena Dunham – Canada
  • Snoop Dogg – Canada
  • Miley Cyrus – unspecified destination
  • George Lopez – Mexico
  • Raven-Symone – Canada
  • Amy  Schumer – Spain
  • Cher – Jupiter
  • Omari Hardwick – Italy
  • Samuel L Jackson – South Africa
  • Bryan Cranston – unspecified
  • Neve Campbell – Canada
  • Barbara Streisand – Canada
  • Ne-Yo – Canada
  • Chelsea Handler -unspecified
  • John Stewart – leave the planet
  • Keegan-Michael Key – Canada
  • Chloe Sevigny – Nova Scotia
  • Eddie Griffin – South Africa
  • Amber Rose – unspecified

Every single time I heard it, I got a visual of children in a school yard yelling at one another, “I’m not going to play if you do this.”  Even as a child, I tried this position myself, one time. I quickly realized that the only person inconvenienced by this stance was ME.  I was the one no longer playing.  I was the one that was watching from the sidelines.

And the Impact is…

Now, this is not a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  I firmly believe that everyone in the country is entitled to his/her vote and essentially his/her own opinion.  But know this:  You may be a celebrity.  You may have more money, and certainly more attention than the average person.  But should you decide to leave the country it changes absolutely NOTHING for me.

Case in Point

I am a huge fan of Tina Turner.  In 1995, Ms. Turner married German music mogul Erwin Bach, and together they live in a sprawling Switzerland estate with a view of Lake Zurich. As of 2013, the pop legend gave up her US citizenship to become a citizen of Switzerland.  I love her music; love her shows and wish her only good things in life.  But her moving to Switzerland and relinquishing her US citizenship did not change my life one iota. 

That’s a Wrap

So I say to all those famous and not who believe that a statement from them declaring, If Donald Trump is re-elected, I will leave carries weight among the regular people…..Bon Voyage and Best Wishes.  Your choice is your own and does not involve me.  And for the very lengthy collection of “A” listers who have already announced this four years ago, that ship has sailed and you were not on it.  Please just cast your vote and give it a rest.

R-O-A-R ON!!!!!

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