The posts on my page, friends’ pages and others are presenting a wide array of opinions as to the events at the Capital as well as the preceding four years.  Ironically, I have seen many (more than ten) comments from people identifying with the Democrat party either stating that they have blocked individuals from their feed or instructing others to “just block them” because they did not like the comments, the tone of the comments or the opposing allegiance.  I had to chuckle to myself and the thought went through my head:  So now, everyone gets the idea of a wall.

It really does boil down to a person’s perspective.

Then I remembered a song from my grammar school graduation.  I have always loved this song and have over the years tried to google it to obtain a printed version of the entire lyrics to no avail.  For the handful of people from my graduating class – perhaps you can fill in the rest.  But it goes like this.

You build a high wall with a handful of broken stones

You lock up your heart with a lonely key

You sit yourself down in a house with no windows

Close your eyes tight and forget how to see

And the world is wall

And life is a little less than singing skies, and empty words, and open arms

And life is a little less than nothing.

The difference to me is simple: those who wanted to build a wall wanted protection from non-residents entering the country illegally – simply put the UNKNOWN.  Those who block “former” friends want separation from other Americans – those they know and have reached a limit with. 

I get it.  Believe me.  I have blocked and unfriended a few people myself.  Honestly, I was torn almost agonizing over it prior to actually doing it.  These were not people whom I was so close to the pain of the loss would overwhelm me.  Rather they were acquaintances that crossed the line of what I felt I could deal with on a day-to-day basis.  My discomfort became reason enough to instigate a separation of sorts.  Two questions this brings to mind are: Have we become so self-indulgent that we cannot tolerate the idea of anyone with opposing views from our own?  The second question is, have we lost our manners?

I speak only for myself when I say I have gone through an exceptionally large portion of my life assuming that rudeness was a right granted to New Yorkers – like a birthright.  We are curt.  We are blunt.  We get it.  And my follow up to that has always been, “If “I” think people are rude – they are off the charts.”  But somewhere along the line (and I blame myself first and foremost) we have lost the ability to communicate with others AND keep their feelings in mind before we speak.  Are we all that only child raised to think we were the only person in our universe who matters?  Perhaps if we speak with others in mind it will spread, the niceties with come back to us and we will not need so many walls.

Charity begins at home.  I much prefer to be welcoming – to my page, my home, my town, my country.  Life is hard enough without attacking everyone we encounter who sees the world differently.  My ‘resolution’ is to be more open to the views of others and to share my views with love.  Do I expect to suddenly agree with everyone and for them to agree with me?  Not a chance.  But I will strive to see things from all perspectives.  Perhaps then life will be a little more than everything.

R-O-A-R with love ❤

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