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Since 2014, my mother has been in my care.  Early on in 2015, she began collapsing for no visible reason.  Now, when someone in your care is above the age of 85, despite it coming on suddenly – you don’t go through a laundry list of “why” is this happening.  You assume this person is nearing the end of their life.  Yes, you call paramedics.  Yes, they take them to the hospital.  But until someone actually tells you what the cause of this is – you don’t know.

My mother, an elderly female, was suffering from something quite common; Urinary Tract Infection.  She would experience absolutely no symptoms what-so-ever until the infection became so serious it would result in her fainting.  The hospital would run the usual tests to eliminate causes and then prescribe a standard antibiotic to combat the bacteria.  All well and good – until next month.

About 45-60 days later, this exact scenario would play out again.  The antibiotic had held the bacteria at bay, so-to-speak, but not eliminated it.  It was a vicious cycle that was wearing both of us out.

Then, our nurse practioner, Ms. Kim,, referred us to a Urogynecologist – Kari Kubik in Huntsville.  I had never heard that title before and had no idea what we were in for.  Still, we were willing to try anything.

The appointment consisted of a regular (in a cup) urine sample followed by one obtained by cathe.  Nothing too awful.  That was sent off for a culture.  About 1 week later, Dr. Kubik determined exactly what the cause of the infection was and prescribed a medicine neither of us had ever heard of.  Suffice to say, taking this pill as a maintenance drug has done the trick.  Mom has had her last UTI!

For those of you fortunate enough to reside in the North Alabama area, you would be well served to look up Dr. Kubik if you experience any of these types of issues.  She is FABULOUS!!!  Mom now sees her once each year, renews her prescription after examination and is free of this. 

BTW:  I inquired if this was something she dealt with primarily in the elderly and Dr. Kubik assured me that it is not.  If you or someone you love is experiencing frequent UTI’s, I would strongly urge you to schedule an appointment.  This can be addressed successfully!

Kari M. Kubik, M.D., M. Sc

2317 Memorial Parkway SW  Suite 410 (between Bob Wallace and Governors)

Huntsville, AL  35801


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