46 – First and Ten on the Twenty

Deprogram the Deplorables

The first big news I heard yesterday was that Katie Couric thinks Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed.  I always liked Katie.  She was a cheerful individual who very publicly experienced the death of her husband due to colon cancer almost on camera.  I view her as a strong woman who made the absolute best of a bad situation in the hopes of educating the public on the dangers (and silence) colon cancer can have upon its victims.  At that time, she was at the top of her game.  That time was 1998.  Now, 22 years later Katie is the former NBC darling.  She has been out of the public eye (so-to-speak) since 2006 and despite her very in-depth career, she is NOT a subject matter expert on deprogramming.  Sadly, I took this to be yet one more snide remark from a staunch Democrat who despite the jabs, derogatory comments, and criticism the left has exhibited will stand with her party declaring a need for unity.

A Great Day for Women

I now move ahead to my morning ban of Facebook in statement against Donald Trump (45th President of the United States) being banned from social media platforms.  In my habit of frequenting the internet, I found myself on MSN to check out the daily stories which I instinctively knew would contain much hubbub of the 46th President’s Inauguration – along with the Inauguration of the first bi-racial, female Vice President.  While this on the surface should be an auspicious occasion regardless of your particular side of the aisle, I find myself a bit taken aback that the party who not only claims to embrace diversity and inclusion but has shoved it down everyone’s throats as the new and improved campaign slogan of the left would be drilling the point of “Look – we have a FEMALE (AFRICAN AMERICAN) VICE PRESIDENT!!!  As a woman I cannot help but recognize the significance of Kamala Harris’ appointment.  I also am unable to look past the flag waving banner of equality that this is being advertised as.  If, in fact, women, African American’s, children of immigrants (of which most of America falls into one of those categories) are all as able to find his/herself ascending to the 2nd highest office in the land, then why are race and gender so noteworthy?  Should it not be a foregone conclusion that Kamala Harris was chosen for her role on this ticket because of her knowledge, education, skill, and competency and NOT because she ticked a few boxes on the diversity checklist?  I am not feeling empowered.  I am feeling insulted.  And although not a “fan” I am insulted for VP Harris.  And last on this would be – unless you are going to describe in detail what President Biden was wearing, please do not describe the Vice Presidents blue, sequined dress. She is not modeling for us either. But I digress.

Bring the country together

For two weeks I have heard all about unity.  I have spent the last four years feeling minimally beat up by people (some of whom I do not even know) because of a comment on Facebook I have interjected on to a post that a mutual friend had made.  I was attempting to engage in discussion.  Many people who know me know that.  I was not always met with “unity”.  Instead, I was met with defensive and some cases attack mode retorts demanding that I acquiesce to the other side of the conversation or be reduced to that of an Idiot – a moron – and the ever popular DEPLORABLE! 

But the buzzword for today appear to be transparency!  Now, after four years of being under what exactly???? The cone of silence???? Now there is a call from the left for transparency from the white house.  One of the main complaints over the last presidential term was that he was constantly on twitter – press conferences every day, etc. etc.  I like to think that we had transparency.  What we did not have was something I have always referred to as kowtowing – acting in an excessively subservient manner. (borrowed from kau tau in Cantonese Chinese, is the act of deep respect shown by prostration, that is, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one’s head touching the ground. In Sinospheric culture, the kowtow is the highest sign of reverence). Wikipedia, 2021.  OMG-it is of Chinese origin!!!

And, in the news…

Today, on MSN’s webpage I find this:

Maybe you notice immediately – maybe not.  Thus, my yellow circles.  But the heading reads: Biden’s 17 executive orders and directives in detail and to the right under Trending Now the top story is Biden signs 15 executive orders.  Not to be overly critical, but should one assume that the information going from the white house to the media could not be conveyed with such accuracy as to pin down 17 versus 15?  Are you kidding me?

And although not intended to be portrayed as a can you top this of blunders:  The second slide on the MSN page is this:

Please do not insinuate that the Trump presidency was so misleading during the past four years that one could not follow whether there were 17 or 15 executive orders signed.  I did not watch every single press conference, but I believe it is safe to say that neither Sarah Sanders nor Kayleigh McEnany would never have uttered those words and had such discrepancy lurking as a result. 

My apologies at the ready for the faint of heart, the exuberant or the die-hard party loyalists – my discontent is showing.  Please forgive me if I do not engage in the euphoria so many are experiencing. 



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